It will consist of one or more officers and other functionaries working with EPCH, as indicated below:

  • Head of Operations Vriksh Secretariat: A senior officer will be nominated to hold this job. He /she will be the overall in charge of the “Vriksh” secretariat.
  • Dealing Officer: There may be more than one Dealing Officers depending on the volume of work. Dealing Officer shall look after the day-to-day work of operation of the scheme and will also assist the director in his work.
  • Supporting Staff: as required for support in the operation of the scheme.


Functions of “Vriksh” secretariat shall include, amongst others:

  • To maintain the documentation pertaining to this scheme
  • To attend to queries and provide requisite information pertaining to the scheme
  • To receive application from certification bodies and conduct day to day processing of the cases for accreditation
  • To process the cases for appointment of assessors and place the proposal before Accreditation Board for approval.
  • To review the assessment reports and make recommendations to the Accreditation Board regarding accreditation issues such as the grant, renewal, extension of scope, suspension and withdrawal of accreditation certificates.
  • To act as a secretariat to the Governing Council / Technical Committee / Accreditation Board set up under this scheme.
  • To maintain all records pertaining to the operation of this scheme, including the accreditation records of the certification bodies.
  • To maintain a register of certification bodies accredited, suspended and the accreditations withdrawn.
  • To work out financial schemes including any subsidies to the organizations under this scheme
  • To maintain web-site, which among other may have required publicly available information
  • It may conduct itself or through other nominated bodies, seminars, meetings, training programmes of general nature for disseminating the concept and information pertaining to and for the “Vriksh” scheme for legality of timber and timber products

Confidentiality and impartiality

All functionaries associated with operation of “Vriksh” scheme shall sign an undertaking of confidentiality and impartiality as proposed by “Vriksh” secretariat.