Terms of reference:

  • To review periodically and approve standard for “General Requirements for Certification bodies operating “VRIKSH” Timber Legality Assessment and Verification Scheme – India, Forming the accreditation criteria
  • To review and approve accreditation regulations.
  • To decide on the competence criteria of assessors for accreditation.
  • To approve individual assessors for forming a panel of assessors.
  • To accredit the certification bodies for certifying the organizations (processors / exporters of timber and timber products) in accordance with accreditation regulations under this scheme.
  • To review and decide about the cases pertaining to re-accreditation, suspension, withdrawal etc.


The composition of the accreditation board shall be as follows:

  • Executive Director, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
  • Representative of Quality Council of India
  • Representative of Ministry of Environment and Forests
  • Representative of Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Representative of Director General Foreign Trade
  • Representative of “Vriksh” Secretariat.

The Accreditation Board will elect / appoint its own chairman out of the members present


Meeting of the board shall be held normally twice in a year, or as and when situation demands.