Governing Council

This is the apex body of the scheme for developing and overall monitoring, control and supervision of the scheme, which inter alia, would include, but not restricted to the following:

  • To formulate overall policy for the scheme.
  • To provide a roadmap, guidelines, inputs to its related sub committees
  • To review and approve revision of "Vriksh" standard for legality of timber and timber products on the recommendations of the Technical Committee
  • To provide coordination between "Vriksh" secretariat and Government of India.
  • To oversee and review the safeguarding of impartiality and confidentiality aspects of operation of the scheme.
  • To review and monitor the performance of operation of the scheme
  • To advise "Vriksh" secretariat on financial matters pertaining to the scheme.
  • To monitor feedback from customers from abroad to whom timber and timber products are exported under the scheme
  • To set up appeals committee when any appeal is referred by a Certification Body
  • To work out details of any other similar related scheme or any matter referred by Government of India
  • Cooperation / liaison / promotion /mutual agreement with other government and non government bodies working at international or national level, involved directly or indirectly, on similar schemes.
  • To delegate its power to anyone of its members in the matters connected with the scheme.
  • To interpret any of the rules of the scheme or powers to deal with any dispute. Governing Council Verdict on the interpretation shall be final and binding.
  • To act through the following arms of the scheme.
    Vriksh Secretariat
    Technical Committee
    Accreditation Board
  • To create committee or subcommittee for smooth functioning or enlargement of the scheme.
  • To set targets for TC/ AB / VS. They will timely submit their target reports to the governing council.

To issue directions to the respective arms or to any issue related to the scheme, such directions shall override / terminate / supersede any action taken by the respective arm.


Sr No.




Mr. Arvind Madhav Singh-IFS

PCCF, Assam Forest Deptt (Retd.)


Dr. Manmohan Yadav

Professor, Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal



From O/o D.C.Handicrafts



from O/o DGFT


Shri Bharat Dinesh

Secretary, Jodhpur Handicrafts Exporters Association


Mr. Dileep Baid



Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Past Chairman- EPCH


Mr. Girish Agarwal

Member, COA EPCH


Mr. Dhananjay Kumar

CEO, M/s GICIA India Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. R. K. Verma

Executive Director, EPCH


Mr. Rajesh Rawat

Addl. Executive Director, EPCH



Director, Fair Trade Forum - India


The Governing council will elect / appoint its own chairman out of the members present.


The meeting of the Governing Council shall be held at least once in a year. Additional meetings may be arranged, if situation demands. Decision shall be recorded in the form of minutes and all other matters connected with the scheme .