Area Covered:In VRIKSH

This standard has been designed to allow companies to avoid trading in illegally harvested wood. Compliance with the standard allow companies to demonstrate that they are implementing best efforts to avoid the trade in illegally harvested timber , in support of the international forest law enforcement governance and trade (FLEGT) program , the European union Timber Regulations (EUTR) , the US Lacey Act amendment 2008 , The Illegal logging Prohibition act 2012 and other such global timber legality verification programs. It allow companies to start implementing their own responsible sourcing policies .

Four aspects of legality covered under the ambit of standards are:

  • Legal Right to harvest and Trade In this the company has obtained the all the necessary approvals for its forest and related operations.
  • Compliance with the legislation related to forest management. Environment, labor and welfare, health and safety.
  • Compliance with the legislation related to taxes and Royalties In this the company has to submit all its official declaration to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner. Company should maintain all the documents related to taxes and fees.
  • Compliance with the requirements for trade and procedures. In this the organization should be able demonstrate that it approvals ( permits / licenses and transportation / export documents ) were properly obtained , and contain up to date information and accurate .All approvals / licenses and permits shall be valid at the date of assessment .

Detailed Requirements are covered in the copy of standards .